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Insurrection Fallout

Jan. 6 committee to Mark Meadows: Testify Friday or risk contempt charges

The chair, Rep. Bennie Thompson, said the former Trump chief of staff’s continued resistance to cooperating with the panel lacked any plausible defense.


‘I hope it’s a fever that will break’: GOP wrestles with infrastructure vote backlash

‘Some elements of the party keep finding new ways to define Republicanism,’ says one longtime GOP lobbyist and strategist.

White House

Dems to White House: The only prescription is more Biden

The president has been more a facilitator than manager of the legislative process. His party wants more of the latter.


Most millionaires could get tax cut under House Dems' tax plan

About two-thirds of people making more than $1 million would see a tax cut next year averaging $16,800, the Tax Policy Center said Thursday.

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the big idea

The Best- and Worst-Case Scenarios for the World as COP26 Ends

An environmental scientist assesses the outcomes and possibilities coming out of the climate conference in Glasgow.

By Paul Behrens


Opinion | Biden Says He Takes Inflation Seriously. He’s Not Acting Like It.

Prices are rising due to forces beyond the president’s control. But his policy program has tended to make the problem worse, and voters will blame him regardless.

Opinion by Rich Lowry

fourth estate

Opinion | Anchor Away: The Disappearing of Brian Williams

There was no bidding war for his services. So MSNBC bid him goodbye.

Opinion by Jack Shafer


Opinion | What Democrats are Getting Wrong About Cities and Suburbs

“Metro” voters are mostly registered Democrats, but that doesn’t mean they’ll vote that way.

Opinion by Michael Hendrix

War Room

Opinion | We Spent a Year Investigating What the Chinese Army Is Buying. Here’s What We Learned.

Publicly available documents show how Chinese progress in military AI is being driven, in part, by access to American technology and capital.

Opinion by Ryan Fedasiuk


The Parental Revolution Is Bigger Than Critical Race Theory

There’s roiling discontent over schools that is scrambling political maps across the country.

By Michael Kruse

the fifty

She Wants to Fix One of Louisiana’s Deadliest Jails. She Needs to Beat the Sheriff First.

An upcoming election between a progressive activist and a longtime incumbent will test whether reformers can crack the traditionally tough-on-crime office of the sheriff.

By Jessica Pishko

fourth estate

Opinion | Journalists Are Hooked on Polls and They’ll Stay That Way

The polls might be wrong sometimes but the solution isn’t doing away with them, just more transparency about their limits.

Opinion by Jack Shafer


‘He’s Comin’ Across Like the F---ing Tin Man Up There’

The new Pete Buttigieg documentary reveals a gifted politician struggling with how much to reveal of himself.

By Ruby Cramer

Law and Order

The Moment the NRA Decided to Embrace the Culture Wars

Under pressure from its right flank, the NRA tanked the Manchin-Toomey gun control bill it had helped negotiate — and never looked back.

By Tim Mak

the friday cover

When the Unstoppable Activists Met Their Match

An idealistic climate campaign promised to transform the whole conversation in Washington. They ended up chanting “F--- Joe Manchin” in a parking lot.

By Ruairí Arrieta-Kenna

law and order

The Most Important Election Results You Missed

A series of under-the-radar local races signal where the country is really headed.

By Daniel Nichanian

Biden administration wrestles with selling armed drones to Indonesia

The country's human rights abuses, and past purchases of Russian equipment, are among the concerns in Washington.

Sununu announcement act rubs top Republicans the wrong way

The New Hampshire governor not only blindsided the Senate GOP, he plugged his own presidential prospects.


First round of Florida maps give GOP 1-seat boost

The four draft congressional maps have slight differences, but all would include 16 proposed districts where former President Donald Trump won a majority of votes in 2020, an increase from 15 on the current maps.

Biden called for widespread mandates. His VA is navigating its own minefields.

An overwhelming number of staff have gotten vaccinated. But a month after the deadline, at least ten percent of a 380,000 health care workforce still haven’t.

They raised millions for Trump, spent barely any of it on him. Now they’re indicted.

The feds just threw the book at one of the ultimate Trump-era scam PACers.

How corrupt is Britain?

A steady stream of scandals raises questions for PM Boris Johnson.

By Esther Webber and Emilio Casalicchio

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